Highland Hall


Devcon Construction Inc.


Palo Alto, California


150,695 sqft

Project Scope

Located in the Serra street, which besides crossing the campus serves as an academic corridor, “Highland Hall” is located at the East end, next to the “Schwab” Residential Center, which is connected through a Mall located at North of the new building and that in turn, will allow the building to merge with the local urban landscape.

Adan Paredes, a renowned Mexican ceramics artist, was commissioned to design and hand make each tile in the mosaic tile carpet and courtyard for Highland Hall. Della Maggiore tile was tasked to have the tile mortar set with no grout joints and to install each individual tile in a predetermined location with a specific orientation. With their attention to detail, Della Maggiore contributed to the execution of a Bay Area work of art.

Photographer: Hunter Kerhart